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Home Buying Sight Unseen


To find the perfect home for out of Hawaiian residents who would be purchasing a home without seeing it first.


Honing in on the clients needs and narrowing down the search was first on the agenda. Next all of the showings had to be done via FaceTime and through video so Jamie
had to quickly learn how to take good videos that would show the entire home, top to bottom. Attention to detail was also imperative as Jamie was the eyes and ears of the clients along
with giving accurate information on property history and neighborhood comparisons.

The Extra Mile

During the course of the transaction Jamie received shipments and made home purchases so when her buyers walked in
to their new home for the first time they would feel comfortable and happy. Jamie even arranged to have all of their cars delivered from Hawaii!
Needless to say her buyers were thrilled with their new home and expressed their gratitude for helping them get through a not so normal home purchase.


Through transparency, a keen eye for detail and good camera skills Jamie was able to find the perfect home for her clients in Encinitas. Seeing the home through the eyes of her clients meant keeping a neutral perspective on everything, which proved successful for her and the buyers.