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The Perfect 2nd Home


Out of State Buyers looking for a new build within the RSF Covenant


The first thing on the agenda was narrowing down the search. With a few hand-selected homes carefully vetted by our team of real estate experts. Attention to detail was important as Jamie and Adam were acting as both the eyes and the ears of their out of state buyers. They needed to give their clients an accurate picture of the home as well as information on property history and neighborhood comparisons.

The Extra Mile

During the course of the transaction Adam and Jamie received shipments and made home purchases and worked with designers so when their buyers walked into their new home for the first time they would feel comfortable, at home, at ease and happy. They even assisted in providing a chef for a celebratory private dinner party at their clients new home!

Needless to say, Jamie and Adam’s buyers were thrilled with their new home and hired the team at REA to handle ongoing management of the home in their absence.


Through thorough research, a keen eye for detail and strong negotiating skills Adam and Jamie were able to secure the perfect Covenant home for their our of state buyers. Seeing the home through the eyes of their clients meant keeping a neutral perspective on everything, which proved successful for Adam, Jamie and their buyers.